Dr Elie Antoun
Dr Elie Antoun MBiolSci (Honours), PhD
Research Fellow in Bioinformatics

Elie Antoun is a research fellow based in the academic unit of Human Development and Health at the University of Southampton. Elie graduated from the University of Southampton with an MBiolSci (Honours) in Biomedical Sciences and in 2018 received his PhD in Human Development and Health from the University of Southampton under the supervision of Professors Karen Lillycrop and Keith Godfrey. Elie is involved in a variety of projects with the aim of understanding the molecular and epigenetics processes that contribute to disease over the lifecourse. His work currently focuses on understanding the molecular and epigenetic basis of sarcopenia and investigating therapeutics to treat sarcopenia, as well as understanding the effect of maternal GDM exposure on the infant in later life, and what role epigenetic processes play in these processes. He has extensive experience in cellular and molecular biology as well as bioinformatics experience.